Bio-Flo has done an excellent job of managing our grease traps and we can now focus on our core business of making great doughnuts.

Mr. Roy Lowery, General Manager

Bio-Flo diligent pursuit of quality service is helping Krispy Kreme be the kind of Corporate Citizen we strive to be.

Mr. Larry Roscana, Director of Safety and Environmental Services

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Waste Water Management Services for Bakeries & Sweet Goods Producers in Atlanta, All of Georgia, Richmond, Nashville & Beyond

Waste water management at baked goods facilities presents unique challenges for pH adjustment and other compliance issues that can be difficult to manage. That’s where Bio-Flo Services comes in. We help firms stay in compliance with comprehensive waste water treatment service programs that you can monitor through innovative dashboards. With our compliance management, you’ll have all the corporate visibility you’d expect with in-house oversight, but none of the hassle and stress. Our clients find this especially helpful when it comes to managing their grease traps – a common source for pH problems. We contain costs and maintain optimal pH levels by devising a custom pumping schedule that keeps your grease trap working efficiently without excessive pumping. We’ll even select the right grease trap for your facility and install it if that’s what you need.

In addition to grease traps, we provide a variety of other equipment for food industry waste water treatment in Atlanta, Georgia, Gwinnett, Cobb, Fulton, and Clayton counties, and other East Coast communities. That waste water management equipment includes pH adjustment systems that keep grease traps at permitted levels (5.5 to 10.0), fully automated chemical dozing units, flumes and weirs, flow metering equipment, covers and lids, and more. Of course, this high grade equipment is only as good as its operators. That’s why Bio-Flo provides highly trained technicians to oversee the waste water management at each of its client facilities.

We’ll take care of maintenance, chemical supplying and much more, including:

  • Design and construction of your system
  • Testing and treatment for: pH levels, total suspended solids (TSS), biological oxygen demand (BOD), ammonia, oil and grease, and phosphorus
  • Compliance reporting with chain of custody
  • Neutralizer custom blended by a licensed chemist for your needs
  • Grease trap installation, pumping and repairs
  • Proper disposal of waste with a commercial waste manifest
  • Dry ice cleaning
  • Exterior pressure washing of entrances, sidewalks, drive-thru, & dumpsters

We specialize in serving food producers that may already be out of compliance and facing large fees. If this describes your situation, we can help. We’ll assess your waste water management needs, get a system in place, and communicate with government agencies about the efforts you are making to meet compliance standards. Once you are in compliance we will keep you there with regular testing, service to your system, compliance reporting, and more.

If you’d like more information regarding our waste water management services, contact us today. We serve bakeries, restaurants, and other food industry businesses in Atlanta, Nashville, Raleigh, Richmond, Hampton, Chesapeake, Henrico County, Chesterfield County, and the rest of the eastern U.S.